warna warni duniaku

bittersweet august

Posted on: August 16, 2010

Yesterday was a bittersweet day.

That is the first day where I could meet him again during Ramadhan and when we could go to break the fast together. We could also pray together. 🙂
Yes, we’re having our quality time, alone.

On the other hand, yesterday I was saying Good Luck to my dearest friend who is going to get his doctor’s degree in the USA. Yes, we’re so damn proud of him, but also sad on the other side, since it will limit our time together. Even he couldn’t attend to my Day! But anyway, sometimes we just need to accept it and pray him for the best.

Btw, yesterday I bought a blackberry. Yes, after those things, I finally bought it since my previous phone is broken. It has been accompanying me for almost 4 years! Maybe this is the time.
Honestly speaking, I try not to put so much reliance to this phone, since there are so much bad experiences by others using this phone, related to it’s availability. Let’s just hope it will be doing good with me.


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